The Fingernail Polish on the Couch Post

Yep…. You read it right.
There is fingernail polish on the couch; the one we haven’t even finished paying for couch.
Right now, I’m going to do research to see how to remove it carefully.  But honestly, I’m afraid to try.  I don’t want to make it worse.

The good news is, we didn’t get angry.  Kids are more important than things, and we want our children to know this.

It was quite interesting watching Sweetie 4’s reaction to our inquiry.
1. Denial
2. Saying we were blaming her, which we weren’t.  We don’t know WHO did it.
3. Insisting it couldn’t possibly BE nail polish.
4. Saying we were mad at her, when we weren’t.

And more.

The funny part is:
We asked all the girls if they had done nails in the living room, which is a no no.
The only one who had, was Sweetie 4.  She was caught the other day and I asked her to take her nail job to a safer place, which she did.

Sweetie’s 1 – 3, all brought nail polish to look at and none of it matched.
Sweetie 4’s nail polish did match, and we still reassured her that we were not blaming her.
You cannot blame something you do not see, for sure. We always want to err on the side of grace.

When hers matched the polish on the couch, defense mode ensued and she was angry and defensive.
It was interesting to watch her spiral into denial trying to make it all our fault.

It didn’t work.

After our evening devotions, she wanted to talk.  But she didn’t know what to say.
So I gave her a paper and asked her to write just one word down.
She wrote…. MOM

So I asked her, “what about mom?”

She said she was annoyed but couldn’t really say why and then wanted to stomp off.
She came back a few times and finally, FINALLY expressed some things on her heart.
In the end, she apologized and said she just didn’t like not being right.
That was an honest apology!
Way to go Sweetie 4!!!!!

And hilariously….. I asked her why that was, and she replied “Wild Yam?”  With an impish grin….

There is a story there:
I found out a friend had given the girls “Wild Yam Creme” to use today. Apparently they have been using this creme for a couple of weeks! Yikes!
I quickly confiscated the product which is for ladies in menopause or perimenopause
to help with symptoms….
A long time ago a friend of mine tried it and it affected her in a very negative way.
Lots of crying!
So, I told the girls, this is not a product we should have around!
Thus…. the “wild yam” comment. 🙂
She does have a sense of humor! LOL

Any bright ideas on how to remove fingernail polish from a red velour couch?

Comments warmly welcomed!


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