Making Sense of Evil

IMG_0624I don’t know if you CAN make sense of Evil.
We know it exists.  How do we know?  Because we see light.
God has revealed Himself to us through Jesus Christ.
In John, it says, “Men liked the darkness more than the light.”
Evil, LIKES evil!
There are those who’s feet run towards evil.
And we are ALL capable of doing great wrong.  Evil.
Were it not for Christ, who redeems us and changes our hearts,  we would be lost.

One week ago today… tonight…. a young man that went to school with my sweetie 1, was brutally murdered by 2 of his “friends”.
We heard about it through kid’s text messages, and then, as I was praying that Sweetie 1 didn’t know the murderers….. the news came.  Not only did she know them, she knew one of them well.
It made the national news, and our small little town has been reeling over the gravity of what happened.

She was devastated, not just for the young man who’s life was taken, but for the ones who committed the crime.

How do you explain these things to your child?
Her question to me was, “Who do I trust now?”
She was speaking about her school experience.  If somebody she trusted was untrustworthy,  how would she know who to be friends with?

I think that is a VALID question.

I have been thinking over this week, about WHY a seemingly normal young man would commit such a horrible crime!

Many things come to mind, but the one that I keep revisiting is the world of Video Games
that many of our young people are caught up into.
There are games out there where you are the god of your world.  You create, you destroy.
There are games out there where you rape, pillage and plummet.  There are games where you steal, and where the bad guy wins the game.
If you choose to be a good guy, you lose.

Some of these games are used to train our military!  If they were not effective as a real training tool, I don’t believe our military would be using them.
So placed into the hands of our children, we have given them the power to create and to take away life, at their own whim, all for “entertainment”.

These worlds are surreal and an alternative to reality.  Add to video games, the movies that are full of violence, which are MANY, and you may have a cocktail of violence waiting to happen.
Given the perfect storm of circumstances,  there is tragedy on the other end.

I do know that many people play video games and do not commit crimes.
But the fact that they open the door of participation is what really bothers me.
When our boys were younger teens, we did not allow any type of violent game.
There was no shooting, unless it was an alien spider.
There was no murder or theft allowed in our home in the form of a game.

Movies that portrayed violence would have had to have purpose such as watching a real story about war and the things that really happened in a war; not just gratuitous violence.

I do not know if any of these signs were evident in the lives of the two boys who killed their friend.
I am so very sad for all involved.  And I am sad that another piece of my daughter’s innocence was stolen from her.

But…. we can take this time to learn and reflect on the preciousness of life.
None of us, NOT ONE, has a guarantee of tomorrow.  So we need to live our lives
to the fullest today.  Do not waste ONE MINUTE of life on things that do not matter.
Do not fill your mind with unhealthy images and alternative realities.
Do not waste ONE MINUTE on bitterness or unforgiveness , especially for things we cannot change.
Tell those you are close to that you love them, and do not allow
anger to fuel your thoughts.  It is futile.
Be a positive change in the world.
Serve the Lord with Gladness.
Make life MATTER!
Remember! You do make an imprint in this world.
my feet
You can make it for the good….. or not.

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