The IKEA Field Trip

We took a really fun field trip today to IKEA.
The plan was to look at the square footage set ups they have there, and compare to the square footage we have at home.
I wanted them to see that it is very possible to live with WAY less!
slideshow_379268_ikea1 ikea-391-square-foot

We took the square footage of our own home (1950 sq ft.)  and subtracted it from  the largest set up and could see that we still had a LOT of square footage left over!
We did that with each of the rooms, and all of us said that if we were single or just married  the 391 sq. ft. design would work well.  We loved the tables that fold down to almost nothing, yet can seat 6-8 if opened up for company.  Everybody might have to stand, because there wouldn’t be enough room for that many chairs, but oh well. 🙂

We all oohed and ahhhed at the great storage ideas and space saving ideas.
We had lunch there and picked out a new cheese grater that was much needed, since
the other one was broken.
985406I really like it, as it has 2 grate sizes and catches the cheese as you grate it!
We also found those little clippy thingys that are great for keeping food fresh.
fdc8_35 We also  found a clothing Hanger to use instead of using the dryer.
It was just like the one we used in Ukraine at our apartment!

As we were on our way home, the girls started talking about excesses that we have and
we had a good conversation about what we do with “things”.
We also stopped at the Euro Deli (aka Russian/Ukrainian store)  on the way home and found some comfort foods.

One thing that did come up in our conversation was that the girls like having a larger pantry.  If we didn’t have a lot of space, we would buy food for daily use only…..
and not have any storage.  They said this would make them nervous about food.
And  one of them said she always needs to have a water bottle by her bed at night, and if she didn’t have that, she’d panic.

I asked her why, as this was News to me! 🙂  (We have always let her have the water bottle)
She said that when she was in the orphanage she would be thirsty a lot and was not allowed to drink or had no access to water a lot of times.

It is amazing how these experiences come into our lives and then we carry those burdens with us.
I do the same thing.  Part of having a large food pantry for me is because during my young married life, I went without proper food for an extended amount of time.  It was HARD.
And now, I keep food, just in case.

It is most definitely an issue I know shows a lack of trust in my walk with Christ.
After all, HE is my provider!
Yet, there is that hint of fear….

So, we decided that we would like to live simply, but keep the pantry! 🙂

I would love to replace our sink with the one like we had in Ukraine!
imagesI like the one on the bottom right.
We are needing to replace our sink….. and it would be very convenient!!!
We are using our dishwasher less, and as it warms up, we’ll be using our dryer less!

It is time to “de junk” and work on space saving ideas that are smart and beneficial!
Organizing can be fun! Right? 🙂

Comments warmly welcomed!


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