The Finger Lesson


The Finger Lesson
originally written Feb 6, 2012

One thing we work really hard on around here is not accusing others.  We try very hard to not “assume” that we know what another person is feeling or thinking.
I know that personally, I have been accused of things before, by another person I had never met, and it hurt me so badly that they thought they knew me, and they did not. They certainly DID NOT.
Those lessons are so painful to learn, and I want my girls to learn them EARLY in life.
So this is the picture I give them.

If you look at this hand…. my hand… what do you see?  When we accuse others, or ASSUME we know how they think or what they feel, there is one finger pointed at the person, but there are THREE fingers pointed right back at YOU… the accuser.

This has helped not just ME, but our girls to be very careful with their words.  Words have a way of coming back at you…. and we want to be the kind of people who think and speak the best of others.

This lesson came in very handy yesterday.  It is also a reminder for me.  Don’t just speak kindly, THINK kindly.  Don’t let your words devour each other.  Let them encompass and embrace each other, supporting each other in love.

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