Loving Hands Accepting Hands

Loving Hands…. Accepting Hands
originally written Feb 6, 2012

What kind of messages do we give our children when it comes to our body language.  I just wrote a post below on the finger lesson.   

Do our hands give the message to our children that they are loved and cherished?  Hands are very important.  We use them often to express ourselves.  We put them on our hips in frustration!

And we use them to say, “You come here right now!”
We use them to accuse! (thank you Sweetie 2 for being my guinea pig) LOL
And sadly, hands are used as striking tools; instruments of doom.
When I was a child, and we were in the store, there were many times when my mother would reach for a can of beans and we would duck!  It made her so mad…. because it was most likely embarrassing. LOL  She would always say, “Why do you do that??”  Ummm… well…. we were trying to avoid the hand!  We were afraid of those hands, somehow, she didn’t understand this. :/

I don’t want my children to be afraid of my hands. I don’t want my hands to be remembered as accusatory hands, but as hands of love, representing our Heavenly Father.


I want my hands to be welcoming and dripping with the Love of Christ.

Both Mike and I  want our hands to be hands of loving acceptance and embrace. We want our hands to be patient hands, kind hands.
Isn’t this a much better way?


We want to be the extended hands of Jesus Christ to our children and grand children.  We want them to remember our loving embrace; not duck when we reach for a can of beans. 🙂

Thank you Sweetie 1 and Ssweetie 2 for helping me with this post. 🙂  (Sweeite 1’s hands made the heart shape, and she took the pictures.)
“Oh to be His hands extended”.

Comments warmly welcomed!


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