More Funnies

Sweetie 1  asked me what pasteurized means. She noticed the orange juice was pasteurized.
I explained it to her and she said, “Oh, I thought it just meant that milk came from cows that live in pastures instead of barns; kind of like free range chicken.”  LOL

Tonight during Family Worship we were finishing up with prayer time.

Sweetie 4 prayed, “Dear God, I pray that you would make perfect decisions!” “Oh, you already do!” 🙂

Sweetie 2 needed prayer for the “S” word. 🙂  In her life, the S word is Surgery. 🙂

Today during science we were reading aloud about Neurons.
Sweetie 3 read aloud : “Do you think a single moron can carry information in both directions?” No…..

Sweetie 4, was doing a simple review sheet just to keep her up on her facts.  The instructions were : Add 8 to each of the following numbers.
9, 19, 26,42, 34 27 etc.
She added it all right:
98,198,268,428,348,278…… LOL

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