Movies and Memories and Languages

On more than one occasion we have decided to watch a movie and Sweetie 4 has reacted by saying, “No! I saw that in my old family and I hated it!”

We have worked through this several times over the last 3 years and she has finally figured out that she didn’t like the movies because she didn’t understand English and therefore didn’t understand what she was watching. 🙂

Last night, she watched “Spy Kids” for the first time, and understood it!
She actually really enjoyed it!

This a.m. she was talking about her new discovery about herself, that she didn’t understand a lot of things her first 2 years in America.
She said that some families allowed their kids to watch movies in Russian, but they weren’t allowed to. It was like, their history was taken away.

I think the idea was so that they would learn English they needed to watch English.
But honestly, wouldn’t that have driven you abit batty?
I was only in Ukraine less than 6 weeks and while it was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the best experiences of my life, I couldn’t wait to hear English again!
The shows on the Television made no sense and only caused me to long to  understand what they were saying.  It frustrated me.
It seems that we would do well to relax in these areas. Our kids will learn English soon enough, it doesn’t have to be forced.

But really, do we want our kids to forget their first language?  It is really hard to keep a language you never hear or are not allowed to speak, even if you didn’t come to  America until an older age.

I would encourage you to allow your child, if they are willing to keep their native language.
Not only is it beneficial to the brain, it is beneficial to the pocket book when they are adults!

Being bilingual is a huge benefit!

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