A New Update on Sweetie 4

It is way past time for a Sweetie 4 update.
If you followed my private blog, I have kept updates
regarding Sweetie 4, since she came home 3 years ago.

I have to say…. I have some wonderful news.
She has hit a new high water mark in the healing department. 🙂

She seems to be comfortable in her own skin.  She is happy and healthy.
She is studying well in all of her school work and has been able to attend a co op all year long.
Being Reunited with her sister was so very good for her.  (and her sister)
She learned a lot about her past that she didn’t know and her sister was able to fill in
some of the mystery of her life before the Orphanage and America.

We are seeing her grow by leaps and bounds in the emotional department.
She LIKES doing well and is not afraid we are going to send her away.
Karyn Purvis would call this “Felt safety!”

She FEELS safe.  And her response to that “felt safety” has been incredible growth.

So we have a sweet 14 year old girl who is doing awesome! And you would never know the struggles she had been through in her short life, looking at her today.

We are rejoicing!
I couldn’t be prouder than a mother hen for her baby chick!

Comments warmly welcomed!


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