Happy Mother’s Day part 2

100_8923Yesterday came as a total and complete surprise to me.   I am so full of joy today.  The Lord has been so good to us, and His mercy and grace were evident in our family yesterday.

Our sweeties have been home for more than 10, 8, 7 and 3 years.
What a blessing they have been in our lives, teaching us to depend upon the Lord for every breath of life. 🙂
They have brought us great joy, and caused us to do deep soul searching about priorities, self, serving, parenting and more.

Yesterday, I woke with sweetie 1 not feeling very well.  She had a fever and a head ache and I just had the head ache.
Since we live very close by to church, I ran down there to help my husband teach Sunday School and then came back home to stay with Sweetie 1.
Sweetie 4 waited with me to go to church a little later, and while we were alone, she wished me “Happy Mother’s Day” and then pulled out a beautifully wrapped gift she had carefully chosen.
To say I was in shock was an understatement!
She used black tissue paper and then created a lovely flower petal vase with a flower arrangement on the package. It was so pretty and thoughtful!

100_8883She has worked through some things the past few years, and I wonder if celebrating last week at Chuck E. Cheese let off some of that pressure build for the big day?
I don’t know.
I just know that her efforts were beautiful and genuine.

After the rest of the family came home, we had a lovely salad for lunch and then Sweetie 1 presented a gift. She has never presented a gift and doesn’t like holidays that much. Today was different.
I don’t expect gifts…. if you expect something, it isn’t a gift anyway, right?
I was so surprised, and she picked a perfect gift.
Then Sweetie 2 had made a beautiful card and I received a necklace she had picked out.  It too was perfect. 🙂
And sweetie 3 wrote a beautiful tribute and blessed us with pictures.

I am in awe of these girls and how they blessed me so very much yesterday.

Our boys called and visited and I even received a beautiful home made scrub from my daughter in law.  The beautifully written cards and thoughtful calls all made me feel so blessed.

If you are in the trenches of trauma….. hang on and keep moving in the direction of unconditional love, acceptance and healing.
It  will  happen!

You are sewing the seeds of success for the future!100_8901

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