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“The Odd Couple”

They ADORE each other and have been together longer with each other than they have been with us.  I walked into their room and oh how their wonderful personalities just shine! 🙂 I JUST LOVE this! 🙂

Sweetie’s 2 and 3 Are On The Slopes!

I am so proud of my skiier and snowboarder! Here there are with their surgeon and Friend Dr. Herring. We are so thankful for the opportunities they have been given! The amputee ski trip is the high light of their year!

Making Connection Through Art

This is a beautiful photo of our little grand daughter and her mama, our daughter in law. Sweetie 4 received this photo in a card at the detention center, and two hours later, had produced this: I love how she did so well making a photo filled with connection and tenderness.  It is in her.  It really is!  And we… (more…)

Visiting and Singing and Things….

Tonight, Mike and I visited Sweetie 4.  She is doing really well. She was talking about all the things she got to do during her childhood at home. Apparently they talked about this in group therapy today, and she was thinking about how much fun she had while she was home. She was expressing thankfulness that we let her be… (more…)

Sweetie 3 is a Driver!

Sweetie 3 is officially a licensed driver! I’m so happy for her! She has over come so much in her life, and just continues to press forward; no looking back! She is driving without accommodations to the car even though she is a double amputee.  After I asked her about being able to feel the pedals, she said, “Mom, you… (more…)

Ski Trip….

Sweetie’s 2 and 3 are headed to the Texas Scottish Rite Ski Trip once again! I am so excited for them! One uses 2 skis and the other snow boards. But what they both do? The serve, they love, they have fun and they represent the Lord and our family to others. What precious gifts they are! I am so… (more…)

What Is A Mistake?

Warning!  This is a rant. For the last several years, I have heard grown adults who have made horrible decisions, PURPOSEFUL decisions, when caught, say, “I made a mistake.” It bothered me then, and it is REALLY bothering me now, because it has made its way into counseling offices, detention centers and courtrooms. Let’s be real.  A MISTAKE is something… (more…)


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