Holiday Time


We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a great time with Uncle Bob, and our extended family.  What a fun day!
It was really nice to see Sweetie 1 enjoy her birthday this year!
She has always dreaded holidays and birthdays,  but this year she looked forward to it!
She even asked to go to Razoos and eat Alligator tail! 🙂
So we obliged!  If you were wondering, it tastes like…..


We managed to get a little shopping in that the girls were looking forward to, and they were able to go together in the mall area while I went to another area.  It is lovely having older, responsible girls!

Being home from School and all the schedules changes can wreak havoc on a child from a trauma background, but it seems that keeping a semblence of a schedule, and a plan helped sweetie 4 stay regulated.  We didn’t do too much, but we also didn’t avoid things either.
She really enjoyed the shopping.
When it was time to go home, she hadn’t done all she wanted and started to get a little snotty.  My reminder to her was enough to get a fast apology and we were back on track!
I call that success! 🙂
Backgammon is our best holiday game! This was Uncle Bob and Sweetie 3 ‘s game.  Sweetie 3 was winning this one. 🙂
Snuggle time with sisters.
Sweetie 1’s birthday request!

Getting ready to make stuffing
Enjoying the Holiday Break!
101_0332 101_0333
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Sweetie 2 and Truman on the see saw.

Uncle Bob, Joe and David enjoying conversation

Mr. Felix, enjoying toddlerhood!
101_0371 101_0376
Sisters enjoying conversation


This year, we wrapped the turkey in Bacon.
bacon turkey

Time to Start Christmas Decorating!101_0399 101_0401 101_0406

Wishing everybody a lovely Holiday season where you can rest and relax, and keep your children engaged in what is important.  I pray they can come to understand the Love and Peace that Holidays are supposed to bring and not get caught up in the Holiday RUSH or the stresses of wanting, instead of the peace that giving brings.

Having a plan and schedule so that they can be prepared ahead of time is really helpful.
Having a plan if they get over stressed, like taking a reading break alone, or going for a walk away from crowds of people, (no guilt)
can be just what they need to regroup.
If you are visiting and your little one gets overwhelmed, it is ok  to just say, “enough is enough”! It was nice to visit everybody and so glad to see you, but we need to head home!  And then enjoy your time, giving yourself permission to regroup in a quiet environment.
I cannot tell you how valuable it is to your child that they have your compassionate understanding when they need regroup time.
It will truly pay off in the end and they will be able to handle more and more stimulation as time goes on and they continue to heal.

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