Making Connection Through Art

b and rubyThis is a beautiful photo of our little grand daughter and her mama, our daughter in law.
Sweetie 4 received this photo in a card at the detention center, and two hours later, had produced this:
becca and ruby
I love how she did so well making a photo filled with connection and tenderness.  It is in her.  It really is!  And we have hope!

9 Responses to Making Connection Through Art

  1. Hailey says:

    Wow! That is just amazing!!

  2. Jean says:

    That’s incredible. She is so talented.

  3. Melin says:

    Such talent. That she can capture the love says something ….
    Perhaps you noticed this and were o.k. with it being posted but….Your dd’s first name is on her drawing. I mention this since I know that you don’t refer to them by their names often anymore.

  4. Melin says:

    What I do in this kind of situation is cover the identifying info with a piece of paper before I take the photo.

    Hope I do not sound annoying – just trying to be helpful.

  5. Sid says:

    Not sure I’ve ever commented on here, but I’ve been reading your blog for years. I don’t have my own children, but am currently finishing up school to become an art teacher, and find your sharing of experiences so helpful when working with children who come from all different backgrounds.

    I blurred the name out of the photo myself, but wasn’t sure the best way to link it here and also thought you would appreciate knowing how to do it yourself. Also useful for blurring out faces!

    You can edit photos online at
    When you go to the URL it will prompt you to open a photo. Choose “Open image from computer” and find your photo
    Select the blur tool on the lefthand side of the screen (the water drop about midway down).
    Click and drag the cursor over the name several times until it is sufficiently blurred out.
    The smudge tool (directly below blur tool, finger pointing) is also useful for this kind of task. You just click and drag across the name and it smudges it out.

    Hope this was helpful and that the directions weren’t too confusing.

  6. Melin says:

    sid – thanks for the tip. I benefitted from your suggestion.

  7. ChristieM says:

    Fixed! 🙂

  8. Chiara Elena says:

    Sweetie n° 4 will be a very promising candidate for Brera Art Academy in Milan. WOW

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