The DEVASTATION of Pornography On This Generation

I went to visit Sweetie 4 tonight.  She was in very good spirits and we had a wonderful talk.  I haven’t seen her so delightful in a very long time, so it was quite refreshing to hear her talk about her art work and how the pod officers believe she should go to the Julliard School of the Arts in NY! 🙂  She is really so very talented!  She said, “No way mom!  I’m not leaving for NY!”  🙂
( I don’t believe Juliard accepts art students anyway… it is more dance, music and theater)

As we talked, it was as if she was very clear headed tonight and able to share things she typically doesn’t talk about.

The subject of Pornography came up, because it had so poisoned her mind, that she didn’t know what the difference was between what a man and a woman do in a loving committed relationship, vs. pornography, which twists and corrupts  something expressed so  beautifully in marriage.
Sadly…. SO VERY SADLY, our daughter was exposed to this when she went to Public School.
She  told me that she had never seen it until then.  She didn’t know anything, and she said the kids at her table all had cell phones and that is what they did at lunch or on the school bus.
The descriptions of what she shared, I cannot share here, but I was in shock at what the children in this generation are being exposed to on a daily basis.  It is SO.STINKING.DESTRUCTIVE!

Sweetie sadly said, “She cannot get it out of her mind.”  Every person she sees is a potential partner and she imagines herself in the worst of ways. 🙁
I am writing this because I was SO NAIVE sending her to school and thinking she would be safe.  We ARE in a “good” school district.
The teachers are committed.  The administrators are committed.
Is it the school’s fault?  I DO understand there is NO WAY they can control what the children do.  There isn’t enough manpower.  But really, can’t they BAN the use of personal devices at schools?
Can’t they scramble the signals so the children cannot have access to this stuff?

Giving a child a cellphone with access to the internet  is like giving a two year old a loaded handgun.  Honestly, I think it might even be more risky.
Cell phones are NOT rights for CHILDREN!
But I see younger and younger children with them.  I have heard people say that their kids will be made fun of if they don’t have them.

Our Sweetie didn’t even have one of her own, but she sure did want one.   Because she was unable to use her computer time wisely and we knew a cell phone would be a problem for her, we didn’t allow one, but it didn’t  seem to keep her from looking at other people’s cell phones.
So not having a cell phone or being monitored on computer is NOT ENOUGH to protect a child who is bent on doing the wrong thing. 🙁
Her innocence was stolen from her.
Our SOCIETY is SICK. After what I was told tonight, I cannot believe the epidemic that has swept the hearts and minds of our children.
They are being exposed to addictive behaviors that HURT their developing HEALTHY sense of sexuality.  It. Is. AWFUL.

I read an article recently by an ex porn star who said she was upset by not getting the respect she felt she deserved in society.  She said she wanted to be seen as a married nurse from Indiana with 3 kids?
She said she had trouble getting jobs because of her former acting career.
She THEN went on to say, “There was nothing wrong with what I did.”  “People act as if I harmed their children or something.”
Maybe if stopped saying there was nothing wrong with porn and society is just not up to speed, she’d get some respect.
Wow.  Is she SO BLIND to think that her actions on screen don’t effect our children?  Seriously?
Our sweetie does not understand that a healthy, committed relationship would include a healthy committed sexual life that can bring about children, after all, that IS one of the purposes for sexual relations between a husband and a wife!

Intimate love between a husband and wife is a tender, sweet, giving act.  It isn’t animalistic, selfish, deviant or just seeing what you can make your body parts do!  How CHEAP! HOW SHALLOW!

We are praying that our sweetie can be renewed in her mind as she learns that human sexuality is healthy, and it is NOT PORN!

6 Responses to The DEVASTATION of Pornography On This Generation

  1. MamaV says:

    As a college Bible study leader I have encountered people who have been damaged by porn… Sorts of people who you would never guess if you knew their family background… It is so sad!

  2. anniekitching says:

    When you put the girls in public school I was so worried about them…for this and other reasons. My daughter experienced horrible things in PS. Not porn, specifically, but kids befriending her and then taking her away from school grounds (during the school day!) and taking advantage of her.

    Kids seems to have so many ways around all of the safeguards. I once went to an open house at the local Christian School, and one of the students there had managed to put porn on the screen saver so that it would be there for the visitors to see.

    Yes; it is harmful, and in the context of a group of peers who “like” it or think they do, it is even more so. We had a presentation on Theology of the Body at Youth Group and I noticed the amazing number of boys who took the free “Porn Detox” booklet they were giving away. Scary stuff.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I think you’re on to something Christy. I know our school district has a way of blocking some sites on their wifi because I’ve tried to use their wifi when working from my car. I’m going to bring this up to the technology officer and school board. They should look at finding a way of blocking websites on cellphones on school grounds.

  4. Nancy says:

    That is horrible! Your poor girlie!! At our kids’ middle school, they can block certain sites from being accessed within the school building, but not on the bus! I had a go-around with the principal earlier this year, because more & more frequently, kids were being asked by their teachers to take out their phones (smart phones) to look up material during class. I’m with you – my kids have only flip phones – there’s no way either of them is ready for unfettered access to the internet. After our discussion, the teachers are now having kids gather into groups to use one of the kids’ cell phones. Not a perfect solution, but at least my kids are no longer left out. The problem is the bus ride, and it appalls me that most teachers & administrators don’t seem to get it! Not only the regular bus rides back & forth to school, but field trips, too – it seems that, with a wink & a nod, kids are encouraged to use their electronics on bus rides because it makes for an easier ride for the teachers & chaperones. I just can’t imagine what these people are thinking! And don’t get me started on very small children with smart phones . . . what is this world coming to???

    When the time is right, you may want to look at The Theology of the Body, written by Pope John Paul II – I realize you’re not Catholic, but this is a beautiful, spiritual view of sexuality, between a man & a woman in the context of a sacramental marriage. I wonder if that may give you some ideas as to how to help your sweetie heal from seeing the ugliness of porn, and to develop a healthy attitude about human sexuality.

    Are you going to talk to the school about this? I would hope the administration would be horrified that kids are accessing porn while in school . . . and I hope they would take action to block those kind of websites, at least from within the school.

  5. Nancy says:

    Good idea!

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