Away at College

Well, Sweetie 3 has moved into an apartment! At 21, I think she is quite ready and is doing so very well. She is continuing her studies at college for a degree in Psychology. I’m so happy for our sweetie. She is thriving. While going to school she is also a bank teller and volunteers at the hospital.

Sweetie 2 is in college also, but for this semester she is taking a break and just working. She is such a sweetheart and absolutely loves her job. She is deciding what she wants to do next, in school, but for now, enjoys being with friends, practicing 2 stepping and writing. She loves Jesus and it shines through her.
Sweetie 3 tried to convince Sweetie 2 to come to college, but she is happier at home right now. 🙂

So we are ALMOST empty nesters. 🙂

We took these two with us on a vacation to the Grand Canyon last month and had SUCH A GREAT TIME! I think we laughed from Texas to Arizona and back. We were able to stop inbetween and visit our oldest son and grand daughter. What a blessing that was!

This has been such a time of change for me, going from homeschooling mom to working partner with our Auto Business.
This is the first time in 2 years since our last child graduated that I didn’t have an urge to buy school supplies!
I love school. 🙂


I’m looking forward to spending a little more time on this blog and starting back up where we left off when we had to focus so very hard with sweetie 4.

She is busy being a very good mommy. And our little grandson is adorable; 4 months old now!

I have much to write about….


Comments warmly welcomed!


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