When Older Acts Younger

When Older Acts Younger
Originally written July 2011

We are going through the crazy play that much littler kids go through.  It is the typical tornado type play of much younger children when they are having GREAT fun, without the knowledge of destruction that they leave behind…..
Today, I followed a path of mud pies, cups left with water, a trash can lid filled with water, a bucket 1/2 filled with water and bugs and grass, clothing taken out of the closet for a possible “Fashion Show”, the badmitten set left out, the hammock taken down, the dishes not done, hair not combed, teeth not brushed, bed not made, MY OWN CLOSET had things taken down, and things put in,  and somebody finally sitting at the computer for “computer time”…….All of this was before noon.

It reminded me of my days when the boys were little. But I am not dealing with “little boys”, but with a big girl.
Sometimes it is hard to remember that in many ways she is really “Little”…. she goes back and forth with this.
Today, she is little….That does NOT mean she is not responsible to pick things up…. but it DOES mean that she is  unaware that her playful bliss,  isn’t blissful for me. 🙂

We had a serious talk about my closet…. Her reasoning:  “Well, why did you give up your closet it you didn’t have any  room and have to use the guest room closet?”  UGH…. LOL  Yes, sometimes she just doesn’t get it.
My answer…. “Because I love you; but that has nothing to do with you going into my closet to play.” “You may NOT play in my closet.”

I went ahead and cleaned up much of the mud stuff on my way to the trash can. My guess is she will not even notice. It has been 4 hours, and she has not noticed yet.  I needed to start somewhere, and I needed to also make sure she didn’t get too overwhelmed.
Some of this is my own fault, as I should have noticed right away the kind of day we were about the embark on, but I didn’t.  It is MY lazy Monday…..

I am comforted to know this is just a season.  Sweetie 1 used to do this very same thing and thoroughly enjoyed her imaginary cookies and baking and fake wood fire and mud pies and all the mess too.  She is much more grown up these days and does not embark on such adventures. 🙂

I do know these times will pass, and honestly , I will not miss the mess… but there is only one time to have a childhood…it is when you are a Child and sadly,  much of Sweetie 4’s childhood was stolen from her.
So, while, yes, I get a bit overwhelmed, I am also thankful that she is PLAYING and IMAGINING, and doing the things she missed out on for so very long.  I am thankful that when I spoke with her about what we are calling “The path of destruction”, she came around after a few minutes and understood that she CAN play AND be a little neater.
This will most likely be a work in progress for awhile…. but I am so glad she is able to go through that stage and we have enough space for her to explore.
And now, I need to go and clean my closet from all of my OWN junk….. LOL

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