An Update on When Older Acts Younger

I wrote in July 2011 about our Sweetie 4’s play habits, here.

It has been almost 3 years and I’d like to give an update about this area of her development.
There is a huge difference in her since she came home, of course. She has grown up quite a bit. She just turned 14, and much of her time is spent listening to music, emailing friends, playing games, and working on her art.
She still enjoys playing outside and creating things, especially if they are “science experiment” type things.
But the level of destruction from 3 years ago is greatly reduced! 🙂
She spends most of her free  time doing age appropriate activities, but will still shrink back to much younger play, and that is ok.

After all, every once in a while I reminisce about jump roping, or playing with play dough. 🙂

However, she is much more aware of the “path of destruction” she might be leaving, especially if it is gently pointed out.
She has learned to clean up after herself as she goes about her day is much better than waiting and then being overwhelmed by mess.  She is still a work in progress in this area, but we have greatly improved!

I so love parenting the sweeties and seeing them grown and mature. 🙂

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