A New Level of Wow!

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As I just wrote earlier, our 3 year anniversary has passed for Sweetie 4,  and we celebrated.
It seems that all 4 of our sweeties have moved into a stride of love, acceptance and security.
I have dreamed of this day coming again…. where all  just felt “right”.
Before Sweetie 4 had come home, we were in a good place with Sweetie’s 1-3.
Honestly, there were days over the last 3 years that I wondered if we needed to adjust our hopes and expectations, and in a way, we did.  Acceptance for where a child is emotionally, is of UTMOST importance!
We have a  “go with the flow” family policy,  and cheer when we move forward towards success.
There is always much to learn and love about each member of the family. And all are cherished for who they are.

We have had smoothe sailing times, but this week…. THIS week has been  different.  It seems the difference is in the security of Sweetie 4.  She is relaxed and settled, joyful and secure.  A security I have not seen before.
ALL FOUR of them are doing well in school, studying and being so sweet and loving.
They are taking responsibility without being asked!

I remember last week that Sweetie 4 said, “I’m really still here!”
“I’m home.”

Honestly, I think she is finally “HOME”.

Our journey is not over, and we know that there will be times of setback as each of our girls continue to process life.
But Oh how joyful this Mountain Top is!
There is a true work of God going on in hearts right now, and I am sooooo enjoying seeing it unfold.
Both Mike and I have been grinning all week! 🙂
Thank you Lord for your deep healing hand in the life of Sweetie 4. 🙂

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