Intentional Development of Relationship In Everyday Life

Our last smoker lasted 15 years.  I think that was pretty good!  But it is beyond repair now and it was time to get a new smoker. 🙂

IMG_0028 IMG_0029
Sweetie 4 loves to help daddy.  She loves getting involved in putting things together and Daddy loves to work with her.  It is an opportunity for him to build relationship with her.
He is so good about letting her use things like the knife to cut the box open, telling me, “She’s very careful!” 🙂
She loves using his tools.  Many years ago, she would hide things like that.  Not today.

I supplied Chocolate Chip cookies. I think they must have liked them, because they are no more.  🙂

IMG_0030 IMG_0031Things like putting a BBQ smoker together might seem mundane, but it is not. It is a perfect opportunity to draw a child into relationship.
Taking each opportunity you can to do things together is intentionally building bonds of attachment.
Sweetie 4 was so proud of herself.
Can’t wait to smoke something soon! 🙂

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